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I'm a driven web development professional with ten years of experience. I'm devoted to having a positive impact on the projects I work on and the people I work with. I measure success by business goals and client satisfaction. I help create value by delivering large-scale projects through innovation and streamlining processes.


CultHealth, New York, United States

Associate Director of Technology, July. 2021 - Present

Tasked with building out the entire department. I facilitated all processes, technologies, timelines, and hiring.

My first focus was to put in place a solid foundation for how we work. This involved implementing appropriate devops solutions, including: a git workflow, designating approved frameworks, created kanban boards and gantt charts.

To improve quality control I put in place a thorough QA process to help cut mistakes. This included the use of custom compilers, testing suites and checklists.

I worked towards automating everyday processes to speed up development time. This included automating everyday tasks, such as:

  • Screenshotting banners/emails/websites to allow other departments to review
  • Uploading banners/emails/websites to a staging server
  • Sending preview emails via SendGrid API

Heartbeat, New York, United States

Senior Web Developer, Feb. 2020 - Jul. 2021

Lead developer for large ongoing client projects spanning several websites. Worked with many team departments to help meet strict client deadlines.

  • Replaced vanilla JS projects with progressive React application
  • Reduced user form errors by leveraging React state logic to ensure correct workflow
  • Added bot protection for form applications using honeypot & Google Recapcha
  • Ported and refactored out-of-date Drupal modules to Symfony services
  • Created rapid website prototyping tool

Circle Interactive, Bristol, United Kingdom

Web Developer, Feb. 2016 - Jul. 2019

Circle Interactive was my introduction to multi-client working. I enjoyed the opportunity of using new technologies, such as React.

  • Introduced git workflow for dev team
  • Implemented git-based automated repository creation service using Drupal custom modules
  • Project lead for React rental web application
  • Mentored students and helped them develop their abilities within web development.