Sam Ayres

Web Design & Development

Part of the PHP & JS universe.

Bitbucket Integration

An automated git repository creator for Drupal using content nodes. Allows the user to set a repository name with custom permissions using CURL requests via the bitbucket API through OAuth.
  • 02/22/2019

I made a tool that allows you to safely share sensitive data within the workplace. It can be used for any private credentials but is primarily used for passwords.
  • 05/14/2018

A nifty sharing and bookmarking tool. It’s great for sharing resources between different social networks, without forgetting any of your links.
  • 09/09/2015

Lucy Yin

Sleek and simple design for a very talented artist. It includes a portfolio and a direct e-commerce shop, all within a fully mobile-friendly format.
  • 04/24/2015

Junior Software Engineer at Nokia Siemens Networks

Working at Nokia Siemens Networks as part of my gap year was incredibly beneficial to my growth in web development. I strengthened the depth of my knowledge within a variety of languages and became accustomed to working techniques. I became very confident in my ability to work cooperatively with a team and in expressing beneficial ideas.

August 2012

Graduated from the University of the West of England

When I began studying web design at university, it was my first big step towards being where I am today. I'm very proud to have achieved a bachelor's degree (2:1), that acted as a gateway into a web programming career and I made many friends along the way.

June 2014

Junior Developer at CAP2 Solutions

Working in a small team in an agile environment gave me the opportunity to build upon my existing skill set and taught me deeply important time-management skills. A hands-on approach allowed me to grow quickly, especially since I was fortunate enough to work alongside more experienced developers. Their expertise was invaluable as I fulfilled feature requests for a sports management system.

September 2014

Developer at Circle Interactive

Circle Interactive was my introduction to multi-site working, which was something that I had not experienced in previous companies. Performing development for numerous clients on a daily basis has been an excellent learning experience because I have learned how to juggle their different goals and requirements. I quickly grew into my role and enjoyed working on new projects monthly, especially because I was given the platform to learn React (a long-term aspiration of mine).

July 2016

Moved to New York

Moving across the globe to be with my significant other has been challenging, but worth it. The sacrifice of having to leave my previous job position was inevitable. I am now pursuing a future career options after receiving work authorization and studying web development until then.

July 2019

The Future

I'm currently seeking full-time employment and freelance work, please contact me if you are interested.

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