Sam Ayres

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Part of the PHP & JS universe.

Bitbucket Integration

Automated git repository setup for Drupal.
A common issue I found in the working world is sometimes you need to share sensitive data, this tool I made allows you to do it safely.
  • 02/22/2019

Safely share credentials online.
I made a tool that allows you to safely share sensitive data within the workplace. It can be used for any private credentials but is primarily used for passwords.
  • 05/14/2018

Shorten and bookmark the web.
A nifty sharing and bookmarking tool. It’s great for sharing resources between different social networks, without forgetting any of your links.
  • 09/09/2015

Lucy Yin

Wordpress portfolio and shop.
Sleek and simple design for a very talented artist. It includes a portfolio and a direct e-commerce shop, all within a fully mobile-friendly format.
  • 04/24/2015

Junior Software Engineer at Nokia Siemens Networks

Working at Nokia Siemens Networks as part of my gap year was incredibly beneficial to my growth in web development. I strengthened the depth of my knowledge within a variety of languages and became accustomed to working techniques. I became very confident in my ability to work cooperatively with a team and in expressing beneficial ideas.

August 2012

Graduated from the University of the West of England

When I began studying web design at university, it was my first big step towards being where I am today. I'm very proud to have achieved a bachelor's degree (2:1), that acted as a gateway into a web programming career and I made many friends along the way.

June 2014

Junior Developer at CAP2 Solutions

Working in a small team in an agile environment gave me the opportunity to build upon my existing skill set and taught me deeply important time-management skills. A hands-on approach allowed me to grow quickly, especially since I was fortunate enough to work alongside more experienced developers. Their expertise was invaluable as I fulfilled feature requests for a sports management system.

September 2014

Developer at Circle Interactive

Circle Interactive was my introduction to multi-site working, which was something that I had not experienced in previous companies. Performing development for numerous clients on a daily basis has been an excellent learning experience because I have learned how to juggle their different goals and requirements. I quickly grew into my role and enjoyed working on new projects monthly, especially because I was given the platform to learn React (a long-term aspiration of mine).

July 2016

The Future

I'm currently seeking full-time employment and freelance work, please contact me if you are interested.

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